Frequently Asked Questions:

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Can the rental of a vehicle be booked as an expense for my company?

A part of the car costs for the rental of a car can be deducted from the corporate tax. This deduction percentage depends on the CO2 emissions per kilometre. Our environmentally friendly cars with low CO2 emissions are more attractive from a tax point of view. Information about CO2 emissions can be requested in the headquarter. This information is also mentioned on the invoice.

What is the Benefit in kind (BIK) for a rental car?

When an employer makes a company car available to his employees, the part of the vehicle use intended for personal use is subject to tax. This is known as a benefit in kind, which is calculated on the basis of the catalog value, first registration, fuel and the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. The BIK of the rental vehicle is mentioned on the contract and the invoice.